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If you have a question relating to attorney fees – including expert testimony on fees, the reasonableness of fees charged by a lawyer, potential litigation over attorney’s fees, awards of attorney’s fees against an opposing party, or fee agreements, billing practices and ethical rules relating to attorney’s fees, please contact us. You can write to us by mail (Tucson address is best) but you can best reach us by telephone or email:

Phone: (206) 378-4125
Email: michaelc@michaelcaryl.com

As Mike is in Tucson, Arizona much of the year, opportunities for in-person consultations are rare. Most of Mike’s current practice is done remotely from Arizona. Call or email us and we can let you know if we can be of help, and if so, how.

If you write or email us, do not include anything that you regard as confidential. In discussing facts, do not mention names or give specific details. Merely state your questions so we might understand the matter for which you may be seeking counsel. If we can possibly be of help, we will contact you by phone or email. By contacting our office, you are not obligated to hire Michael R. Caryl, P.S, nor does any response by the firm to your inquiry indicate any intention by the firm to take your case. We accept new clients only after an extended teleconference and the execution of a written fee agreement.

“Mr. Caryl is both a fierce advocate and a wise counselor, who instinctively knows the right course and how to get there most efficiently. The excellent result achieved for me was because of his determination to see justice done. His support and encouragement during difficult periods of the litigation made all the difference. His clients are in good hands.”

– Truman Castle, 2010