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Our New Focus in Disputed Attorney’s Fees Issues

Unique in the Northwest - at Michael Caryl, P.S., disputed attorney’s fee issues have been the sole focus of our law practice for the last decade and a significant part of the practice since 1994. To our knowledge, no other lawyer or law firm in the Northwest has dedicated its entire practice to lawyer’s fee issues. Since 1997, we have been Washington’s “go-to” resource for all issues relating to attorney fees – including fee agreements, billing practices, collection of fees, the use of attorney’s liens and ethical rules relating to attorney’s fees.

Mike has counseled and represented over 200 attorneys, law firms, and lay clients about disputed attorney’s fees issues. With over 43 years of overall litigation experience, and over 20 years dedicated to disputed attorney’s fees, Mike has comfortably represented both lay clients and lawyers in such disputes. Mike has been an established expert witness in courts and arbitrations on matters involving disputed attorney’s fees since the late 1990s, having provided expert testimony in nearly 50 such instances, including live testimony in jury trials and bench trials. Since the late 1990s, our practice has provided both lay and lawyer clients with rarely-available knowledge, experience and expertise in disputed attorney’s fees throughout the State of Washington, the Northwest and beyond.

As part of the process of dabbling with partial retirement, Mike has been cutting back his practice for the last two years. In mid-2014, Mike withdrew from active litigation over disputed fees, while still counseling disputed fee clients, handling attorney’s liens and assisting with proper and ethical lawyer fee agreements. Since mid-2014, after relocating to the Tucson Arizona area, Mike has practiced remotely for Washington clients from the Tucson vicinity. However, in late December of 2015, Mike determined to cease practicing law on behalf of clients altogether and to limit his practice to serving as an expert witness in disputed attorney’s fee cases, and serving as an arbitrator or mediator of disputed attorney’s fee cases. SeeWhat we do” for the current summary of Mike’s practice.

If your need in the disputed attorney’s fee arena is litigation or counseling on attorney’s fee issues, Mike can refer you to one of two close lawyer colleagues with substantial disputed fee experience (gained while serving as co-counsel on disputed fee cases with Mike) who can meet your litigation or counseling needs. For more information, contact us.

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“While the blush is still on the rose, I want to thank you again for an excellent job. I can’t think of a case that I have wanted to win more. You made that possible through an extraordinarily fine piece of lawyering.”

– Fred M. Zeder of Peterson Young Putra, successful litigant in Taylor v. Shigaki, 1997